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Memorial Retrospective: Harley’s Visionary Journey

Oct 7-11,

Marin Society of Artists

1515 3rd Street

San Rafael, CA 94901

Hours: 10am-6pm

Reception Thursday 10/7, 4-6pm

Memorial gathering Sunday 10/10, 2pm.

I’m very pleased to announce the dates and times for the memorial retrospective of Harley’s art.

Harley (1940-2017) spent six decades pursuing his creative vision, the first three in the midwest and the last three in the Bay Area. This retrospective offers a unique view of the entire arc of his evolution, from Beckmann and Matisse inspired works of the ’60’s, through each major series, to his richly vibrant final series of abstracts all showcasing his facility with line, form and color in deeply personal expressions and complex thematic explorations.

I, Tristan (Harley’s son), will be in attendance at the gallery for nearly all open hours. In addition, I will be staying in the area for about a week after the show to offer viewings of the larger art estate by appointment.

Thank you for your consideration,


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